Protect your business and your customer through enhance security and audits. Simplify your security workflows to our Cru and you can focus in growing your business without compromise.

Cyber Security

Protect your business and your customer through enhance security and audits. Simplify your security workflows to our Cru and you can focus in growing your business without compromise.
Cyber Threat Intelligence

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Penetration Test
Compliance Audit
Risk Assessment
Source Code Review
A penetration test is unique technic because it involves an expert activities as a Hacker in an attempt to test your security systems. Penetration testers use the latest hacking methods to expose the weak points in your systems, infrastructure, mobile and web applications.

Our penetration test service designed to test your external and internal tests. You might also consider a hybrid penetration test including both internal and external penetration test for maximum insight.
A compliance audit is necessary for businesses that have to comply with certain regulations, such as companies in retail, finance, healthcare or government. The goal is to show whether an organization meets the laws required to do business in their industry.

A company that does not conduct compliance audits is susceptible to fines, and it might also lead to clients looking elsewhere for their needs. This type of cybersecurity audit usually examines company policies, access controls and whether regulations are being followed. An organization that does business in the European Union, for example, should run a compliance audit to make sure that they adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation.
Risk assessments help identify, estimate and prioritize risk for organizations. Security audits are a way to evaluate your company against specific security criteria. While this might not be the case for specific businesses, security audits can help with compliance issues in heavily-regulated industries.
Review your code to help you identify and fix security vulnerabilities in your application at the development stage. A number of security loopholes in both web and mobile apps originate right when the code is being written and developers either ignore or are unaware of secure coding practices.
Single Sign-on

Identity & Access Management

When you expose your services or data to the outside world, you open yourself up to a lot of security and systems challenges. Users logging in at your existing user store, or from external sources like Facebook, Twitter or Google need to be securely identified and connected to your services or data. But what about APIs? They also need to be authorized. That’s why any good IAM solution will act like an identity federation hub. This means not just a secure solution, but one that can handle all these accesses flexibly, and out of the box natively. Learn about what an identity hub solution can do below.

Learn more about Identity & Access Management
Centralized Profile

Identity Server

Safely give access to multiple identities
Easy implementation
Connect internal and external users
Inject APIs with secure identity management
Guard your dataflows
Provide great user experience
Free up daily operations
Connect any new app with specific access rights easily
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