Top RPA Vendors: The Three Leaders in RPA

22 March, 2020

We’ve covered RPA in our blog a few times before. This time, however, we’d like to focus on the top RPA vendors.

When you’re considering implementing RPA for your business, one of the first things that you need to decide on is which RPA vendor to use. Currently, there are over 50 RPA vendors available.

However, the top three RPA vendors as listed on both Gartner’s Magic Quadrant and the Forrester Wave report are: UiPath, Automation Anywhere, and Blue Prism.


UiPath was founded in 2005 in Bucharest, Romania and has since grown to a $3 billion company with headquarters in New York. As one of the top RPA vendors, it reported in Q4 of 2018 that it has had 1500 government and enterprise clients.

UiPath’s clients range from insurance companies, banks, to the government.

The Department of Work and Pensions in the UK utilized UiPath to deliver payments to more than 20 million people every year.

Health Fidelity, a healthcare company, utilized RPA to have a better vital chart extraction process. This led to the company doubling their customer base.

Maitland Group was able to improve their accuracy with the use of RPA.

Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere was founded as Tethys Solutions, LLC in 2003 in San Jose, California and its headquarters has remained in that city.

However, changed its name to the current one in 2010. The company has over 3100 “customer entities” in more than 90 countries, according to them. 

Just like UiPath, their clients work in many different industries. Some of their clients include: Google, LinkedIn, Unilever, Santander, ANZ, Volkswagen, Tesco, Boston Scientific, and Whirlpool.

ANZ, for example, deployed 100 bots in the first six month of their RPA project. The bank saw more than 40% cost savings as well as a faster processing time for their customers. They’ve used RPA in transaction investigation, funds disbursement, and funds recalling. 

Automation Anywhere has training resources available on their website and they are currently offering their Certified Advanced RPA Professional Prep + Exam course for free for a limited time.

Blue Prism

Blue Prism was established in 2001 in the United Kingdom. Currently, they are headquartered in Warrington, UK.

The company has more than 1300 clients worldwide, from many different industries. Some of their clients include ebay, Heineken, Lockheed Martin, Mitsubishi, Lufthansa, and Fidelity investments.

The Co-operative Banking Group used Blue Prism to automate their excess queue procedure and by doing so, reported that their efficiency has improved by 80%.

Walgreens used RPA in order to improve employee experience in their HR department, which saw 73% increased efficiency in the HR shared services group.

Unlike the other two RPA vendors, training for Blue Prism is available through their training partners. There are a number of training partners available with classes accessible online.

Other RPA vendors who are not considered to be “leaders” by Forrester but are considered strong leaders include:  Kofax, WorkFusion, Pegasystems, and Kryon System, among others.

Not sure which one is the right one for your company? Reach out to us to understand the different capabilities of each RPA. We have extended experience implementing RPA in finance, manufacturing, retail, insurance, banking and other Financial Industries. Make us your RPA implementation partner whether you are in Indonesia, Canada, United States, or globally - we are ready for you.

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