Chatbot Maintenance: How to Improve Your Chatbot after Integration

15 January, 2020

Chatbots can be found on a lot of websites and even social media platforms nowadays. 

Chatbots are used for a multitude of reasons, but especially this: they provide customer service for a company even after work hours. A chatbot can bring benefits to a number of different businesses, from a bank to a restaurant, for example.

Back in September of 2016,Facebook reported that its messenger platform had over 30,000 chatbots available. Even WeChat has had chatbots in use for official accounts. Bear in mind, however, that there are millions of official accounts on WeChat.

All in all, it’s no wonder that businesses are considering using a chatbot for their business in order to improve their customer service experience, save costs, or to streamline processes.

For businesses currently considering or building a chatbot, there’s one part of the process that they should really consider: chatbot maintenance. The process of having a chatbot doesn’t end at chatbot integration, as many will tell you. In fact, chatbot maintenance is extremely important.

In fact, maintaining the chatbot is important in order to keep the bot from stagnating.

  1. Review chatbot interactions
    It’s important that there’s some form of monitoring, especially when the chatbot has just been implemented. Adjustments can be made for any errors or gaps that may exist in the system. You need to also find out areas which don’t work, for example.

    It’s vital to find out anyway in which the conversation ends and determine whether the conversation ended because the customer had found the information they were looking for or for other reasons. For example, if there is any bad response on the part of the chatbot, a review is in order.

  2. Provide new information
    A business can evolve within a year. Information that may be valid last year may no longer hold true this year, for example.

    If there are any changes in pricing or any type of information that your customers would typically look for, it’s very important to feed it to your chatbot. As we’ve mentioned earlier, don’t let your chatbot stagnate.

  3. Train your team
    It’s obvious that the maintenance of your chatbot would require more than just your basic knowledge. That’s why training your team is important. That’s especially so if your chatbot was implemented by an agency.

    Those agencies can support. They can give your team the knowledge or tools necessary to have the required skills in order to maintain the chatbot. It may be that your team is on the smaller side. Or maybe you don’t have the manpower available for such maintenance. However, consulting firms can do that work for you. They may provide you with the help needed in order to ensure that your chatbot will be running properly.

    Maintaining your business chatbot is important—the chatbot is an investment and it’s vital that it remains in the best condition at all times. And if you take into account that the chatbot has to interact with your customers then it’s paramount that not only must you keep your chatbot from stagnating, that your chatbot maintenance remains a priority for your team.

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Copyright ©2020. Crubiks Inc. All Rights Reserved
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